Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harry, the crowd loves it

I wish I could find a song by Pantha Du Prince online, but alas, I cannot. So I'm sharing a track from Pussy Cats by Harry Nilsson. The album was produced by John Lennon in 1974 during his "Lost Weekend" period in which he separated from Yoko and moved to California to get reckless, rowdy and drunk. The song is called Turn Out the Light. In between recording songs, Nilsson was going outside to vomit blood. Also notice the hidden message on the album cover- two block letters on either side of a rug. And here is a brief studio session between maniacs John Lennon and Phil Spector in Los Angeles. Their second day in the studio, Phil showed up dressed as a doctor complete with stethoscope, lab coat, and pistol. Nilsson was there to help with a gallon bottle of Smirnoff.

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