Monday, February 22, 2010

Get Innocuous!

and Get Murphiphied as well! LCD Soundsystem, aka James Murphy, is one of the coolest cats around. You don't believe me? Check out the "sounds like" from his myspace:

gay stuff. disco. bored people. a poorly executed fist-fight. sandwiches without too much meat and stuff on them. records that you used to hate but are kind of cool now that you heard them again years later at your friend's house. hipster nonsense. midrange, and not so much bass-and-treble. an engine that needs the timing looked at and is running at capacity. a band.

He doesn't do it all on his own, of course. Some of his touring/live musicians include Pat Mahoney (drums), J.D. Mark (guitar), and Nancy Whang (keyboards, synth) among others. Too Much Love was released on the 2005 self-titled album. It rulez. I LOVE JAMES MURPHY.

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