Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lon Gisland

A band called Beirut has an EP called Lon Gisland, a song about Italian postcards and frequently, French lyrics. Is it clear they get around? Good. You can hear it in their music regardless with lots of Eastern European horns and French accordions. Below is the song of the day, Scenic World (they seem to have seen a lot of it).


  1. This has been my song of the day every day for the past two weeks. I just can't decide if I like the Lon Gisland version or the Gulag version better. I play each album at least once a day.


    P.S. Follow the link to my profile to see my rarely-updated evil piracy blog. You might like something you see there.

  2. dude, i am right there with you on the top 10 list. cut copy! chairlift! you have very good taste. update your shit more, i love a good music blog. glad to hear you like mine (or the song anyway :). i've got a crazy song lined up for tomorrow, be sure to check it out. end the year with a bang, right? hope you're well, Clay.