Friday, December 18, 2009

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Punk/Pop? That's a contradiction. I've noticed music is beginning to straddle lots of these lines lately. Electro/Pop, Indie/Rock, Folk/Blues, etc., are all ways to remain "unclassifiable." But sometimes I just want to say TAKE A STAND! PICK A SIDE! In all fairness, I guess they just don't want their creativity smashed. Seems like many musicians want to break out with music so transformative that people will make up a new genre for it like braintastic, eccentricianist, or curmudgeon. And that's why I like this guy NOSAJ THING. I think his music is Dubopolis. And he's taking his own beated path, if you will. Check out as much of his music as you please, especially the song Fog. It's a dubstep away from complete and total awesomeness. Trancey, ambient, hip-hopish. Way to push the boundaries...or the, uh, slash.

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