Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno

Yes, that is his real name. Brian Eno is a genius. He was light years ahead of music and I do not believe he is of the human species. He is some kind of superhuman. He has mutated genes. He attended Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. You get me, cats and kittens? I am hard pressed to pick a song because he is so varied and talented. In fact, I've already had a song of his featured. But there are plenty more. Like Deep Blue Day where he does his best impression of an ambient musician. The song was also in Trainspotting (quite a disgusting and transcendent scene all at the same time). Talk to me people! HOW great is Eno?


  1. i had no idea this was eno... what an androgynous genius. makes me feel more inadequate with each day. ya feel me possum?

  2. explode your inadequacies by finding your own genius and exploiting it like a colonizing nation - - this is background music for an alien landing in west texas - - heroin feels like the womb but is one human then?