Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beck, you asshole

Sometimes life is unfair. It's unfair that Woody Allen is SO funny (maybe TOO funny). It's unfair that Michael Jordan is SO skilled as an athlete (he can fly). It's unfair that Ernest Hemingway can write better than anyone (even if he's drunker than a poet on payday). And it's unfair that Beck was given a lighting bolt of creative musical talent (everything he does is too sweet). These people make me feel inadequate. So I give you a song of the day to cope with your inadequacies, or rather, stare them in the face. Beck- Missing from Guero (2005).


  1. really getting into the sun also rises huh?

    missing rules

  2. no relation, but i'm listening to "lonely soul" by UNKLE right now and it's epic and it's awesome