Friday, October 9, 2009

Hear here!

Hokay, so. GRrrrrrreat song today. Hope you can handle another oldie. If you don't like oldies, fuhgetaboutit. This blog has integrity, dammit. We stick to our old oldies. We're having fun on a friday night and we're not apologizing to the 7 readers. The opening theme from The Third Man starring Orson Welles (who believe it or not was once a sexpot {and that link is one of the all time best}) is called simply The Third Man Theme. It is played on the zither (pictured above) by Anton Karas who also wrote it in 1949. It stayed in the top charts for eleven weeks in 1950. Haven't seen the film and I ain't about to watch the whole thing on youtube. Maybe I'll rent it. How do you like it, kids?

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